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Brake Repair Services

Brake Repair Services Irondale

Imagine this: you are driving along, and you have to suddenly slam on your brakes to avoid a collision. Are you confident that your brakes will work as they should? Do your brakes squeal, shake, or grab as they shouldn’t? Even if your brakes still slow down/stop your car as they should, when will the shaking, grabbing, or squealing turn into something less safe and more expensive to fix?

The professionals at AAMCO understand brake repair and service. Our specialists will always ensure that you leave our center with peace of mind and fully-functioning brakes—we want you to be safe, and we want your brakes to work optimally. Your brake system is one of the most critical safety features in your vehicle.

Factors contributing to brake difficulties include:

  • Worn pads and shoes
  • Calipers or wheel cylinders are not performing correctly
  • Wheel bearings need replacement or servicing
  • Insufficient lubrication of slides and mounting points
  • Rotor and drums require resurfacing or replacement
  • Certain other components may need a replacement
  • Parking brake requires adjusting
  • Old brake fluid requires replacement

Trust the vehicle experts at AAMCO. We are fully dedicated to our craft, and we want to provide the most comprehensive services, as well as the friendliest and most helpful staff in the industry. Visit and contact us today!



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